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    Tallahassee, FL

    5.0 star rating
     12/28/2012 1 Check-in Here

    Just reading the other reviews about places to get stereos, I decided to give this one a try and give an updated review. 

    This is the nicest stero shop i've been to ever. I shopped around looking at other places, not based on Yelp, and I was not so imporessed. Like Michael W, I did not want to go to Best Buy and invest in something like a new radio for my car. They are not car experts and I'm trying to become a supporter of the local economy. 

    The man who helped me out, i'm not sure of his name (i'm very sorry because you were awesome and very helpful, might hae been Ben, but that also could just be the name of the person who rang up my purchase?) was amazing and did not pressure me at all. To be fair, all I needed to do was switch the radio in my car, but I was super excited with my choice. He explained exactly how to use it and tehre was a sale going on (not unusual here) that gave me a $20 discount ont he radio iteself and then there were no instalation fees.

    I strolled in their an hour before they were going to close and it took exactly an hour for me to walk in there, select a radio and have it installed.

    Everyone was very professional and helpful. They also offered to help me out with another cosmetic issue in my car for a minimal price. I was very impressed and if I ever decide that I need something done with my car speakers or stereo in the future, with no hesitation I will be making the trek back here to get helpful and friendly assistance.

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    Sunnyvale, CA

    4.0 star rating

    Excellent technicians.  The guy that worked on my car did a very good job of planning out the locations, installation, putting my car back together and spent a long time tuning everything to make for a great setup.  

    Let it be known that this was not some tricked out system--I invested around $400 in a sub-woofer, amp and new door speakers.  The result is absolutely amazing.

    My only complaint would be the waiting area.  Filled with sofas taking off the street.  Kind of gross and the folks waiting around taking all of the places to sit didn't seem to be having a car worked on.  

    It's all good.  Good 'normal' guys; sold me a good setup at a reasonable price.  Job well done and satisfied customer.

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    Denver, CO

    5.0 star rating

    I like the local feel of Stereo Sales as opposed to say Best Buy. These guys know there stuff, they normally are running a special on receivers or speakers, they custom build just about anything you need and there professional and fast. 

    I can recall calling Stereo Sales from Italy where I was stationed to ask if I could bring my busted sub woofer (that was still under warranty) out of my car and exchange it for a new one in person. They said sure, and one Christmas holiday international flight later, I had a new sub, no questions asked. T

    That's good customer service hands down.

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  • Mark W
    Posted on 08/13/10
    This is one of the best place in florida to get your sound system for you car, your home or just for events, they will do you right. I am a loyal customer, they really hook up imports also.